Saturday March 3

Troy: Fall of a City, 9.10pm, BBC1

Fraser Barber (Sound Recordist)

Lola Post Production (VFX, main vendor)


Sunday March 4

Call the Midwife, 8pm, BBC1

Alex Kalmakrian (Editor)

Clare Awdry  (1st AD)


Endeavour, 8pm, ITV

Mary-Jane Reyner (Costume Designer)

Jonathan Beacham (Camera Operator, A and B Camera Dailies)

Marvyn Marques (Tailor – Dailies)


Strike: Career of Evil, 9pm, BBC1

Fabrizio Sciarra (Camera & Steadicam Operator)



Monday March 5

The Mummy, 8pm, Premiere

Julian Morson (Camera Operator/Steadicam )

Lee Sharp (Boom Operator, Splinter Unit)           

Aoife Warren (Assistant Art Director)

Jon Brown (Production Assistant)

Nick Poole (Camera Trainee, Additional Photography)


Doctor Strange, 6pm, Hits

Julian Morson (A Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator)

Spob O’Brien (Hair & Make Up Artist)

Stephen Woolfenden (Director, 2nd Unit)

Rupert Smith (VFX Production Manager)


Marcella, 9pm, ITV

Edward Clark (Steadicam Operator)

Daniel Gethic (Editor)

Yves Barre (Costume Designer)


Electric Dreams, 10pm, C4

Tom Debenham (Visual Effects Supervisor)

Sarah Tulloch (VFX Producer)

One of Us (VFX Facility)

Outpost VFX (VFX Facility)



Tuesday March 6


Mum, 10pm, BBC2

Emma Friend (Focus Puller)



Wednesday March 7


Save Me, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Paul Schwartz (Sound Recordist)


Thursday March 8

Britannia, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Simon Frame (VFX Supervisor / Producer)

Sam Williams (Editor)

Jon Beacham (Camera Operator)

Oliver Taylor (Production Assistant)

Lola Post Production (VFX)


Still Game, 9.30pm, BBC1

Peter Edwards (DoP)


Unforgotten, 10pm, ITV3

Adam Trotman (Editor)


Friday March 9


Requiem, 9pm, BBC1

Cristina Casali (Production Designer)

Matthew Hanson (1st AD)

Tracie Wright (Line Producer, Prep)


Life, 11pm, Hits

Victoria Keeling (VFX Producer)

One of Us (VFX Facility)

Outpost VFX (VFX Facility)

Lola Post Production (VFX Facility)



6 March 2018