Saturday 25th Nov

The White Princess – 9pm – Drama, Sky 158 & Virgin 128

Michael Brewster (2nd Unit DoP – Dailies)

Ben Greenacre (Co-Line Producer)

Roslyn Hill (Production Manager)

James Leigh (Camera Operator)


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – 6.45pm – Sky 311, Virgin 441 & BT 507

David Mackie (2nd Unit)

Vince McGahon (B-Cam/Steadicam Operator)

Stephen Woolfendon (2nd Unit Director)


Sunday 19th  Nov

Howards End – 9pm – BBC1

Marvyn Marques (Costume Trainee – Dailies)


Wrath of the Titans – 8.05pm – ITV2

Julian Morson (Camera & Steadicam Operator)

Simon Scott (Animation Editor)


Monday 27th November

New Tricks – 9pm – BBC1

Andrei Austin (A-Cam & Steadicam Operator)

Simon Bishop (Sound Recordist)

Ben Drury (Editor)

Nick Goding (Producer)

Huw Kennair-Jones (Producer)

Marlene Lawlor (Costume Designer)

Sarah James (Sound Trainee)

Jo Vale (Sound Assistant)


Tuesday 28th November

The A Word - 9pm - BBC1

Kate Player (Production Coordinator)

Katrina Aust (1st Assistant Editor)

Mark Bull (Camera Trainee – Dailies)


Troy - 6.15pm - Sky 303, Virgin 433 & BT 504

Orla Carroll (Hairdresser)

Tony Dawe (Sound Recordist)

Tom Debenham (Water Elements Effects Unit)

Lola Post Productions Ltd


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – 5.50pm – Sky 304, Virgin 434 & BT 508

Orla Carroll (Personal Hairdresser to Eve Green)

Tony Dawe (Sound Recordist)

Vince McGahon (B-Cam & Steadicam Operator)


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 8pm – Sky 307, Virgin 437 & BT 502

Francesca Crowder (Hair Stylist)

Rob Inch (Stunt Coordinator)

Tom Hannibal (2nd Assistant Editor)

Nick Poole (Camera Trainee, Additional Photography - Dailies)

Victoria Keeling (Associate VFX Producer)


Wednesday 29th November

Man Down – 10pm – C4

Marlene Lawlor (Costume Designer)

Jane Wallbank (Producer)


Florence Foster Jenkins – 5.10pm – Sky 303, Virgin 433 & BT 504

Spob O’Brien (Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist)

Aoife Warren (Assistant Art Director)


Alice Through the Looking Glass – 7.05pm – Sky 303, Virgin 433 & BT 504

Rodrigo Gutierrez (B Camera Operator)

Aoife Warren (Assistant Art Director)

Jon Brown (VFX Plate Manager)


Get Santa – 6.10pm – Sky 302, Virgin 440 & BT 511

Matt Carver (1st AD)

Matt Hanson (1st AD – Dailies)

Sarah-Jane Wheale (Line Producer)

Josh Ward (Boom Operator - Additional Photography)

Mark Bull (Camera Trainee)


Thursday 30th Nov

Braveheart – 7pm – Sky 312, Virgin 442 & BT 510

Orla Carroll (Assistant Hairdresser)

Francesca Crowder (Hair Stylist)


T2 Trainspotting – 10pm - Sky 312, Virgin 442 & BT 510

Al Rae (B-Cam & Steadicam Operator)



22 November 2017