Sarah Lamb


I am a costume trainee with experience as a freelance designer, assistant and costume maker for feature films and theatre productions. Experienced in working with principal actors and extras, dressing, fittings, shopping/pulling, and general prep work, confident with repairs and alterations. In addition to my work in film and theatre, I have worked on a range of bespoke costume commissions for drag queens, entertainment companies, custom-made corsets and illustrations. I am currently taking part in the 2017 Sara Putt Associates Trainee Scheme. My work as a freelance designer and maker has given me valuable experience not just in terms of making and repairing costumes, but also with communication. I feel that the ability to effectively communicate, develop trust and reassure is one of the most important aspects of any job, costume or other. These are skills that have come in handy when working with actors and directors.

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