Simon Reay


Philosophy for Documentary: - To listen and react. To walk into an environment, not knowing quite what to expect. Enjoying the journey to discovering the story - capturing naturally the surprises along the way. Understanding the perspective of the audience, being aware that where the camera is placed ‘is’ the viewpoint of the audience.

Philosophy for Drama: - As the Director creates an environment for actors to perform freely and unencumbered, I believe my job is to watch this and capture the moment when an actor reacts spontaneously within this environment. “You can’t do something for the first time, twice”

Philosophy for VFX/Splinter/2nd Unit: - To study and emulate the main unit DoP’s work so the VFX elements blend seamlessly. This extends to a close working relationship with the VFX supervisor making sure their requirements are met technically and within a style set by the main unit.

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