Jonathan Taylor

Production Credits


Silent Witness
Silent Witness-50's Bedroom Set
Silent Witness-Crashed Helicopter
Silent Witness-Cabin in the Woods
Waking the Dead- CCHQ- Boyds Office
Waking the Dead- Grace's Office
Waking the Dead- Romany Caravan
Waking the Dead- East End Interior- WW2
Waking the Dead- Lab
Waking the Dead- 60's Club
Waking the Dead- WW2 Poland
Waking the Dead- Lab
Waking the Dead
Cast of Waking Dead in the Lab
The Brief-High Court
The Brief- Disaster Memorial
The Brief- The Chambers
The Brief-Chambers
The Brief-Train Crash
Nobody The Great
Nobody The Great
Crimewatch Visual from Original 3D Model
BBC Crimewatch Studio
BBC Crimewatch Studio
The Shadow of a Gunman-Sketch
The SHadow of a Gunman-Stephen Rae- Sketch
The Shadow of a Gunmany room
The Shadow of a Gunman
Elephant Paln Tree In Bed
Elephant Palm Tree Martha Mirror
Atlanta Olympic Games BBC Studio