Ben Roberts


Professional experience on short, feature and commercial films assisting set up and operation on digital cinema cameras inc. Arri and Red; focus pulling; logging and boarding. My experience as a Royal Marine has helped develop unique organisation and communication skills, giving me a proactive and pragmatic approach to work with good time management. Confident and polite manner; computer literate on Windows and Mac for basic data wrangling; Full UK driving licence with bases in London, Manchester and Northumberland. Served in the HM Royal Marines (2010 - 2015) with Special Forces Support Group as 2nd in command to a team of 8 Afghan Special Forces on Operations across Helmand province, Afghanistan. Often leading full companies of men, operating 2 ranks above my own. Achieved the Physical Training Medal during basic training; the award given to the recruit with the highest overall physical performance. Took an introductory one month course at the Central Film School (2017) teaching the basics of each department’s role in the process of making a film, from pre to post production, receiving a Certificate in Practical Filmmaking.

Production Credits