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Based at Shepperton Studios Sara Putt Associates is the leading independent UK agency for film and television heads of department. Providing personal management and representation within feature films, TV drama, documentaries and entertainment for over 20 years. Alongside the Agency, the Diary Service provides diary management and production knowledge for crew. Keen on nurturing new talent, in 2011 Sara Putt Associates launched the 'Trainee & Assistants Scheme' providing opportunities to those at the start of their careers. We collaborate with film and television agents in the US and work alongside literary agency ‘Sayle Screen’.

Latest News

Our clients are currently working on:


Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
The Hunter's Prayer
Kingsman: Secret Service
The Curse of Hendon
Mission Impossible V


Code of a Killer
Black Sails III
Boy in the Dress
Safe House
London Spy
The Woman in Red
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